Two special trust and estate services:

1. Outsourced Trust and Estate Administration, for lawyers, accountants and other related professionals.

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You focus on your practice! Let us handle your trusts and estate. We expertly execute the multiple administrative obligations inherent in the representation of an estate, trust or other fiduciary relationship -
  • Investment management
  • Administration of account, including income collection, distribution and reconciliation
  • Marshaling of assets
  • Document retention
  • Processing of bond and stock certificates
  • Detailed monthly statements
  • Director-level account review
  • Hourly fee structure
We seamlessly integrate with your practice to enhance your service
  2. Charitable Giving, for people and companies who want to make a difference through charitable giving.

You have an opportunity to make a meaningful, enduring contribution to your community, charity of your choice, and the future, through planned giving.

There are many charitable giving alternatives such as Bequests, Life Insurance, Charitable Remainder or Lead addition to Cash and Securities.

You can be confident your wishes will be professionally and safely deployed and administered. Founded in 1892, Orange County Trust Company has the professional staff and resources to deliver unparalleled services and back office support, including investment management.*

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A portfolio of INVESTMENTS can only be high-performing if the Investment Manager is alert, experienced and informed.

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Banks perform as well as or better than independent investment advisors, mutual funds or insurance companies, report leading financial analysts. We believe a bank offers the fiduciary culture that assures the attention to your accounts and that demands excellence from its professionals.

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*  Investments & Trusts not FDIC or Bank insured, may lose value.