A portfolio of investments can only be high-performing if the Investment Manager is alert, experienced and informed.

Banks perform as well as or better than independent investment advisors, mutual funds or insurance companies, report leading financial analysts.


A sound investment plan is grounded in realistic long-term goals and objectives. We believe in diversification and quality. Your portfolio is handled with patience and discipline. Our conservative approach, executed by seasoned professionals, delivers strong performance at a competitive fee.


We work with clients to determine their goals and objectives. We execute by leveraging our experience and offering a wide range of investment products and market management resources. You will find an emphasis on responsive, personal service that is rare today.


As a business owner, whether incorporated or not, you can establish Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans for yourself and your employees. A SEP can be a prominent source of retirement income. You may contribute a certain percentage of your compensation into your plan each year. For your eligible employees, a uniform percentage of each employee's compensation would be contributed. And, monies you contribute for yourself and your employees, within the IRS limits, are generally deductible as a business expense.

Funding Options and Flexibility

While you must adhere to contribution limits, the source of SEP contributions can be from any business cash supply, including current income, savings or loan proceeds.

Your choice of options to fund your SEP:

  • Lump sum or periodic contributions
  • Transfer from any of your eligible accounts in the Trust and Investment Division
  • Low interest term loan with a one year cleanup feature in order to maintain your business cash flow

Our lending professionals work hand-in-hand with the retirement plan representatives in our Trust and Investment Division to deliver a seamless loan process for SEP funding purposes.

Investment options for your SEP include a wide range of mutual funds*, stocks*, bonds*, EFTs*, or FDIC insured CDs.

Our Trust and Investment Division professionals have over 100 years of collective financial services experience.

To explore your investment growth possibilities, use our Investment Calculators.

*Trusts and Investments with the Trust and Investment Division are not FDIC or bank insured and may lose value.

Before investing, consider your investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Contact a Professional in the Trust and Investment Division for the appropriate prospectus or relevant information. Read it carefully.

Glenn Wassermann
and Ken Flood

Words from Glenn Wassermann, SVP

Acquiring wealth is one thing; conserving it is another. Financial markets gyrate; the economy swings unpredictably; politics and international relations impact daily life as never before; family financial needs change in unexpected ways.

Because you can't predict the future, you need the best investment advice possible. You may have reviewed your account with your present advisor, but it is important to obtain a second opinion. We will analyze your investment portfolio for FREE. Just bring in your statements from your present investment sources and meet with one of Orange County Trust's expert Trust & Investment Officers. There's no pressure to do business with us. However, you just may decide we offer better ideas and money management. And you'll definitely be wiser. So we cordially invite you to become better acquainted with us. If you prefer to have one of our professionals meet with you at your home or office, simply phone us at 845-341-5030 to arrange an appointment.