As your business banking partner, we are committed to improving your financial management by saving you time and giving you flexibility.

Our Remote Deposit service allows you to deposit checks electronically from your computer using a desktop scanner and software.* Each scanned check generates an electronic image (front and back) which is transmitted for deposit into your Orange County Trust Company account.

  • Make your deposits any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.
  • Save time with fewer trips to the bank.
  • Funds are available the next business day.
  • No need for deposit slips.
  • You receive an acknowledgement of receipt for your deposit transmission.
  • Duplicate detection tools help insure the same check is not deposited twice.
  • Once your deposit is transmitted, you are required to securely store the checks for a reasonable period, and then they must be shredded.
  • You can easily access check image records.

Our Remote Deposit service stringently adheres to industry standards regarding security.

In addition to duplicate detection tools, our security features include dual authentication, access to our encrypted virtual private network for transmission of your data, management level reporting and knowledgeable in-house support staff.

Want to learn more about Remote Deposit? Talk to one of our Branch Service Representatives to learn how you can work more efficiently with our REMOTE DEPOSIT service or contact us by E-mail or phone 341-5000.

What else should you know?

Remote Deposit service is available for qualified customers. An application and agreement are required.

*Desktop scanner purchase (1st year only) is $1,000 lump sum or $85/month for 12 months. Monthly fee of $50 thereafter. Monthly fee may be avoided by compensating balance.

How to use Remote Deposit

Your deposits are processed just the same as if they were made at the bank. Just...

  • Log onto our secure website from your computer.
  • Then scan your checks and submit them.
  • Your deposits are posted correctly the first time and every time.
What you need to start

Remote Deposit set-up requirements are few:

  • Windows PC, XP Pro/SP3, Vista or 7
  • High speed Internet connection,USB 2.0
  • Check scanner
  • Shredder
Easy to use

Some minimal training is needed. An Orange County Trust Company representative will guide you through the process, scheduled at your convenience.