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Orange County Trust Company Deploys Strike Force Stewart Airport complex identified by Bank as unique commercial market

MIDDLETOWN, NY - Orange County Trust Company today announced the creation of a new customer service initiative dedicated to serving commercial businesses in and around Stewart Airport. Dubbed the Stewart Airport Strike Force as a nod to the historic military presence at the airport, the program is designed to leverage the service capability of the bank's branches which surround Stewart Airport.

"With branches in Newburgh, Montgomery, Vails Gate and Fishkill, the Bank is uniquely situated to serve the growing commercial market at Stewart Airport and surrounding communities", says Bank CEO Terry Saturno. In addition to the commercial market outreach at Stewart Airport, the Bank will underscore the airport and the services of the Port Authority in all Strike Force branches. In recognition of the unique economic force that is Stewart Airport and its environs, the Bank hopes to educate its customers and the public at-large about the history, current services and potential of Stewart Airport.

"There is no doubt in our minds - the Stewart Airport area will be a vital market for a very long time. Besides the airport facility, which we believe will soon be New York's fourth big airport, the area is populated by a diverse array of businesses, including manufacturing, distribution, R&D, professional and - there's even a very successful business incubator!" Saturno noted, referring to the Orange County Business Accelerator in New Windsor.

The Port Authority has graciously cooperated with the Bank in making inroads toward developing this customer service initiative by providing airport information guides for bank customers. "A thriving commercial airport is essential for sustaining economic growth in the Hudson Valley", says Tim McCausland, Vice President of Business Development at Orange County Trust. "Anything we can do to make this happen helps the region and the Bank", says McCausland.

The Stewart Airport Strike Force will consist of branch managers, lenders and trust officers who will focus their energies in the Stewart Airport area to serve existing customers, attract new business and develop synergies, including networking opportunities, in and amongst the Stewart Airport business community. "We are delighted to help Orange County Trust with this new initiative. It's apparent that the folks at the bank agree with me when I say, "When you have the opportunity to fly, why not give Stewart a try?', so I'll keep saying it," remarked Dr. John A. D'Ambrosio, President of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce.

Orange County Trust Company, founded in 1892, is a full-service bank including trust, estate and investment services. The Bank owns and operates 9 branches located in Orange and Dutchess Counties.