With low interest rates today, this may be the time for you to buy a new home or to refinance your existing home.

There's more to a low cost mortgage than the interest you pay. You must consider closing costs because they figure importantly in the total cost of your home mortgage.

Three fine reasons to come to the Trust Company for your home mortgage.

  • We have kept our closing costs remarkably low.
  • Our interest rates are low.
  • We do not sell our mortgages, we keep them right here at home.

We offer fixed rate mortgages to finance one to four family homes (owner occupied).Click here for current mortgage rates.

Not only do we have a wide range of standard home mortgages, we offer a Jumbo Mortgage for home financing over $417,000 with incentives.

Six additional benefits to Orange County Trust Jumbo Mortgages

  • A wide range of loan terms
  • Fixed mortgage rates and no points
  • Free loan prequalification
  • Escrow for taxes not required
  • No monthly fee on personal Regular Checking Account
  • A free Safe Deposit Box (when available)

Explore monthly loan payment possibilities with our Loan Calculator.

Click Here to obtain financial tips for getting a mortgage.

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