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Orange County Trust Acquires Local Investment Firm

In completing the first acquisition in its history, the parent company of Orange County Trust Company began the short Thanksgiving work week with a new company under its wing - Hudson Valley Investment Advisors ("HVIA"). While the deal was only announced last month, Orange County Bancorp had been in negotiations with Provident Bank for over a year conducting due diligence and other business-related  investigations. The deal creates an investment management enterprise - including HVIA and the trust department of Orange County Trust - that manages and administers over $550 million in client assets.

"This acquisition follows a well thought-out strategy set in motion by my fellow board members and senior management. It's a perfect fit," said Lou Heimbach, chairman of Orange County Bancorp. 

Did You Know?

Orange County Trust Company and General Electric were established the same year, 123 years ago, in 1892.