Bank History

The Bank opened its doors for business May 2, 1892 on North Street in Middletown, New York, under the name of the Orange County Trust and Safe Deposit Company. The original name is still etched above the top windows of the building, which remains a branch to this day. The Bank was founded by 14 public-spirited citizens who saw a need for a bank which would feature estate planning and trust administration, as well as traditional banking services. The name was changed to Orange County Trust Company in 1905. Orange County Trust was the first commercial bank in Middletown to pay interest. In 1933, the Bank's stockholders put up double the value of their stock in order to keep the Bank solvent and its doors open throughout the Great Depression.

As the community grew, additional space was necessary to expand and improve services to its customers. Thus, a second branch was opened in 1955 on Route 211 in the Town of Wallkill. In 1997, it was replaced by the new larger Trust Way Branch.

In 1969, a third branch, the Dolson Avenue Office opened. Later, in 1991, this modest branch was replaced by a significantly larger 3-story building. And in 1999, the Executive Offices and Trust & Investment Division were moved from North Street to this Dolson location to make it Orange County Trust Company's headquarters.

In 1995, the Bank extended its reach beyond the Middletown area to the Town of Montgomery on Route 208, an ideal location with its close proximity to the business crossroads of Orange County.

Orange County Trust Company continued to identify opportunities to expand through the following years, establishing branches in Vails Gate in 2001, Chester and Goshen in 2009 and Newburgh in 2010. The Bank expanded beyond Orange County in 2011 to Fishkill in Dutchess County, N.Y., on Route 9, its ninth branch.

In 2012, parent company Orange County Bancorp, Inc. acquired Hudson Valley Investment Advisors in Goshen. The ability to blend the Bank's Trust/Estate administrative capabilities with the investment management services of Hudson Valley Investment Advisors will add value to every client relationship. Orange County Trust maintains one of the only resident trust departments in the Hudson Valley.

The Morrison family, benefactors of the City of Middletown since the turn of the century, has been affiliated with Orange County Trust Company since 1909. John Morrison III served as Chairman of the Board from 1992 through 2012, as did his uncle, Eugene Morrison, before him.

As an independent community bank that began with a dream of 14 founders 121 years ago, Orange County Trust Company, through conservative business practices and commitment to its community, has grown to an asset level in excess of $600 million. It is rated in the top 6% of the strongest banks in the U.S. by Weiss Ratings.